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ask me here.   Leila (lee-eye-luh), twenty-one, Wisconsin. I love. Coffee. Movies. Actors. Nature. Animals. (My cat.) Books.
Iceland. Music. Pandora. Art. Cartoons in the 90s. Architecture. The newspaper. Food.
Video games. Beards. Landscapes. Comedy. Colors. Judd Apatow. Maryjuahna.

So I go and take a burn cruise,

On this road from high school that we used to go on, But this was my first time driving on said road, And I notice that the road is so conveniently named Burn Valley Road.

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Sublime - Smoke Two Joints


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Yo, bitches,

send me your Pottermore shit right fucking meow.


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Rasta cupcakes, om nom nom

Rasta cupcakes, om nom nom

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I’m using my work handbook as a table for cleaning res from my bowls. :)


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