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Well, that’s the last time I bum cigs out to a stranger

I was walking home from Perkins and this drunk girls comes out of her house asking for a smoke, and she steals my cigarettes!

What a sly cat!
She just kept them in her hand as she complimented me and I walked off.

Oh well…

I’m just waking up, and I had the best sleep ever.
Today, I hope, is going to be productive.

— 4 years ago
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Just getting back.

I have been gone for the past 16 hours, and worked nine of them. 

So, I’m going to call it a night with the lovely Kris, and probably fall asleep with Up tonight. 

I hope you’re day was good, 
goodnight lovelies.


— 4 years ago
#up  #perkins  #work